Although it was known that only a few months after President Lenin Moreno had come to power in Ecuador, Justice had already bowed and resigned its integrity to what is known as “Morenism,” it gave us a prelude as to everything that was to come, and more than enough reasons that the appointment of Diana Salazar as General State Prosecutor had been in exchange for condemning former Vice President Jorge Glas and achieving the persecution and subsequent conviction of former President Rafael Correa and all his former colleagues.  Yet,  nothing had prepared us, as judicial officials, to receive direct pressure from judges and prosecutors to prepare cases under threats, not only against us, but also against our families.

This has motivated us, as judicial officials with a vocation and commitment for service and justice, to no longer be part of this repressive political-judicial apparatus miserably used in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, where the dead are piled on the streets and the health system has collapsed. The country is breaking apart at its seems due to the Coronavirus, yet this Government has chosen to continue ilegally pursuing its political opponents instead of helping the sick or burying the dead. Therefore, we will not remain silent about the truth and, on the contrary, we will denounce what is happening and the circus that will be set up tomorrow to condemn former President Correa and divert attention from the tragedy that Ecuador is experiencing.

To  honor the truth and justice, we denounce that, in violation of all ethical and legal principles of our judicial system and procedural law, per the constitutional guarantees of its citizens and the universal principle of innocence, there has been a network of corruption which directly involves Judge Iván Xavier León Rodríguez and the secretary of the Attorney General’s Office, Martha Cecilia Caiza Cando, in order to put together a case with absolutely no legal support, for the sole purpose of political persecution of the current President and Vice-Presidents’ political opponents.

Evidence of the plot and agreements between judge and prosecutor.

Against all ethics, and in violation of the accusatory principle and judicial impartiality, as witnesses to these facts, we provide the below evidence showing that Judge Iván León maintains a sexual relationship with the secretary of the Attorney General’s Office, Martha Caiza Cando. Thus exists an obvious conflict of interests as Judge Leon Rodriguez has an ilegitimate daughter with Ms. Caiza Cando: Something which should preclude him from being a neutral referee of the case in which his child’s mother is representing the State.

Emails have been exchanged between the two of them, as can be seen in the following image:

Caiza Cando sent an email to Judge Iván León on March 31, under the heading “SALUDOS”, that includes an attached file called “SUMMARY of SOBORNOS CASE [the case involving former Pres. Rafael Correa],” in which she highlights, as a first instance, the modifications that the judge should accept, regarding the cover of the crimes that would be attributed to former Vice President Jorge Glas, in order to – without legal precedent – increase the penalties against him.

In a second email sent the same day, at 6:26 p.m., under the heading “HOLAAA”, an attached file called “PROCESSED CORREA”, was sent to Judge Leon, in which Caiza Cando anticipated and highlighted in yellow, the pending modifications that the judge should include to further aggravate the procedural situation of former President Correa, in a clear and flagrant violation of all ethical and legal principles, making it clear that the case is nothing more than a plot used as an instrument of political persecution.

Let us be clear: The prosecutor’s office is instructing the judge what he should write in his decision and how he could inflict lengthier sentences against the defendents whom the prosecutor is prosecuting.

As if that were not enough, in addition to all this aberrant evidence and legal-political and media farce, we were able to obtain, as evidence and proof, an image of Martha Caiza’s computer, while working in the indictment of the “Sobornos case,” where mockingly, the secretary of the Attorney General, Dra. Martha Caiza Cando, refers to the indictment as “PROCESSED SOBORNOS CASE SMALLER SUMMARY, Haha”.

If this does not show the bias, malice, partiality and violation of all legal and procedural principles, we urge secretary of the Attorney General, Caiza Cando, to tell us if it is true or false that this is her wallpaper and that, on the desk, the files related to the cases against former President Rafael Correa, can clearly be seen; and whether she maintained permanent and illegal contact during the process, with the president of the court, Dr. Iván Xavier León Rodríguez and his office coordinator, Oswaldo Wladimiro López Erazo, exchanging procedural information about former President Correa, and even making fun of it.

To be absolutely clear, at a mínimum, this case involves a large number of procedural problems, including conflicts of interests and violations of the rules on how judges and prosecutors should behave, but also demonstrates the ilicit traficking of influence and criminal conspiracy. These are all very serious crimes which typically would not only cost someone their job, but would result in a criminal investigation for al lof those involved. Quite obviously, the ruling of the judge in a case with so many grievous faults would not only be deemed grounds for a mistrial by a neutral court, but would also open the participants to personal liability.

Following this, and as first hand information for many, we publish -in advance- and, therefore, fully demonstrate, with evidence, that the farce was already armed.

Download tomorrow’s court decisions here